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Digital Documentation
COMP 2016 (Computer Science)
Study Period 5 - 2023

Study Period Key Dates

11 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023
15 Sep 2023
13 Oct 2023
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Enrolment Class - Computer Practical
CampusAttendanceComponentClass NumberClass SizeStudents EnrolledNotesClass Schedule
Off-Site LocationOnlineComputer Practical500088044This course starts in Week 1 of Study Period 5. This course is fully online, with all lectures, exercises, and materials available from the course Moodle site. Attendance for computer practicals is optional. Tutors will ONLY be present in Weeks 2, 3, 5, and 6. These will occur in CAD Suites, Barbara Hanrahan Building, Level 4, rooms BH4.09, BH4.18 and 19 at dates and times to be advised. Online lecture - no attendance required. 4 hours per week. Online exercises - no attendance required. 4 hours per week.
Start DateEnd DateDayStart TimeEnd TimeRoomInstructor(s)
24 Jul 202301 Sep 2023    Miss Laura Johansson,
Mr Adrian Kenyon,
Mr Darren Fong,
Mr Malek Halawani,
Mr Sasha Radenovic,
Mrs Gemma Borin,
Ms Chloe Howarth,
Ms Scarlett Clarke