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Contemporary Management Issues B
BUSS 5419 (Business and Management)
Study Period 1 - 2021

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22 Jan 2021
29 Jan 2021
12 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021
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Off-Site LocationOn LineExternal102695032MBA Students only. This course will be taught online over the following dates and times: Saturday Morning 16 January 9am-2pm, Saturday Morning 23 January 9am-2pm, Saturday Morning 30 January 9am-2pm, Saturday Morning 6 February 9am-2pm, Saturday Morning 13 February 9am-2pm, Saturday Morning 20 February 9am-2pm. Topic: Failing Forward: Leadership in Challenging Times With Professor Mike Shaner, Saint Louis University, USA Course Overview All organisations, groups and individuals will fail at some point during their history. Maybe not total failure, but a deviation from goals. This course will look at the causes (individual, group, organisational) and discuss strategies to combat these deviations. The business environment has become more and more turbulent, uncertain, and with major disruptions. Product life cycles are shorter and businesses have to re-invent and learn from themselves. Pressure on individuals and organisations to NOT fail is enormous, but how can we grow when the fear of failure inhibits our efforts to try? This course will create an awareness of the reasons why organisations, groups, and individuals experience downturns and what might be done to identify and avoid potential failure. The symptoms and, more particularly, the causes of failure will be examined in depth, as well as the techniques that may be used to identify the onset of difficulties as early as possible. Successful recovery strategies will more likely be achieved if the problems are recognised early. In this course students will cover the following topics: Individual Failure - Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Vulnerability, Shame, Blame, Cognitive Biases Group Failure - Tight Coupling, Psychological Safety, Constructive Dissent Organisational Failure - System Complexity, Weak Signals, Self-Defending Organisation, Normalization of Deviance Recovery - Jumping the Curve, Strategic Inflection Points, The Second Cycle.
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16 Jan 202120 Feb 2021 01:00AM01:01AM Mr Peter Stevens,
Prof Mike Shaner